7 important incentives for your e-shop customers

Your customers make purchases driven by incentives created by specific actions such as advertising, discounts, etc. As a company you should create such situations by mobilizing your customers to buy from your online store. The majority of companies rely on the use of specialized marketing and sales services as well as the offer of quality products. Many times, however, in their attempt to increase the motivation of customers they use "saturation" actions from their experience or imitate their competitors, with the consequence that the only incentives they offer are coupons and discount codes without finally being able to distinguish and achieve their goal .

These ways have a particular place in any marketing strategy and are a key sales promotion tool targeting customers looking for discounts and opportunities. However, this way you are limiting your audience to customers who are constantly looking for such opportunities, reducing your profit margins and consequently the long-term viability of your business.
The goal of this article is to show you more ways to increase the motivation and consequently the sales of your online store. Below we will analyze the most important ones.

7 σημαντικά κίνητρα για τους πελάτες του e-shop σας


1. Free Shipping

Free shipping is a very powerful incentive for your customers and is one of the most classic methods over time as they save you from unnecessary expenses and you do not have to offer a discount. It is one of the most classic ways to increase the motivation of your customers. In fact, transport costs are the number one reason why users do not complete shopping on the internet. Therefore, by reducing your revenue slightly by absorbing transport costs, you will increase your conversion rate over time and thus your future revenue.

If you can not absorb the transportation costs then a good move would be to set a free shipping limit just above the average price of orders made in your e-shop. For example, if the average order price is 15 euros then place it at 20 euros so you increase the motivation of customers to spend the extra 5 euros in a product to have free shipping. With this technique both parties win, the customer free of charge and you increase your revenue.

2. Exclusive Offers

Do you want to launch a new range of products soon? If so, then a good way to motivate your customers is to give them a first look at the new list and the ability to buy first products that are not yet available to the general public. Existing customers as well as those who are subscribed to the newsletter are the ideal target audience for this strategy. This will significantly increase the motivation of your customers, especially if the offer is valid for a limited time.

3. Organize Competitions

There is nothing that consumers will love more than competitions. The customer enters the process of claiming your products without actually spending money, thereby managing to create a climate of enthusiasm for the consumer around your brand and products.

Also, social media is the number one tool for conducting competitions, and that is due to the large user base (Facebook 2 billion, Instagram 700 million etc.) but also to their efficiency in product promotion. It has been observed that even those who fail to win often remain interested in your products and turn into customers. Essentially creating contests, you manage to significantly increase your customer's motivation and at the same time "open" to new prospective customers and new target groups.

4. Provide guides and tutorials

Many times a video or operating manual is enough to convince the consumer to buy a product. As a result of such a process, it can very easily and quickly be informed about the use, function and value of the product, something that might not have been in mind when thinking about your product. One way to get closer to your consumers is to encourage them to make their own videos that will unboxing product presentations they have purchased from you and expressing their opinion. To increase their motivation to create videos or recommend to a product you reward them with a discount code or free shipping on their next purchase.

5. Create targeted suggestions

Do not take it for granted that all consumers who visit your online store have in mind what they want to buy or that they really care to buy something. Consumers are used to visiting various e-shops to conduct a market research on the products they are interested in. Your goal is to take advantage of this situation and to suggest best-sellers, products with indications such as "other buyers also seen" or "also bought" which are directly related to products that the consumer has already seen. One way to do this is by using up-selling sales techniques, so you achieve the efficient viewing of your products as well as the possibility for the customer to find the product they are looking for and give them maximum satisfaction.

6. Product Bundling

It is the process of creating product packages where their price is lower than when we buy them individually. This move has a huge impact on customers and increases their motivation to buy a package of bundled products. Very effective will be to enable consumers to make the "package" of products themselves. This enables them to choose the right combination of products (personalized choices). This strategy is ideally suited for products that consumers can find at other points of sale and are not your own brand name. It can also be applied during festivities where competition is high and customers are looking for the most advantageous proposal.

7. Product Customization

Without exaggeration, product customization is the future of e-commerce. There is no consumer who is not thrilled to think how he can make a product just as he wants it to. Companies like Nike have adopted such techniques for their products, enabling their customers to choose color, construction material, adding new features etc. Clearly, and not all companies have the ability to provide such services as Nike. However, you could imitate these services and customize them based on the products and budget available to suit your individualized Purchasing Experiences.

Ease of realization combined with low cost are the greatest advantages of the above techniques. Especially for companies that do not have a large enough budget and are looking for financial but also effective ways to increase their sales.

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