Further sales growth for online retailers in Greece for 2012!

According to the results of the last annual 2012 surrvey of e-Business Research Center (ELTRUN Athens Univecity of Economics and Business) about online retail sales (B2C) in Greece:

  • In 2012, 1.9 million Greeks bought online products and services of total value € 2,9 bn from € 1,8 billion in 2011!

  • Greek consumers spent annualy on their online purchases on average of € 1.600 from € 1.200 in 2011.

  • The average annual number of purchases per consumer is calculated to 20 from 15 in 2011.

  • From all purchases only 61% were made in Greek eCommerce sites (in contrast to other European countries where 80% of purchases made ​​in national sites).

  • The travel services sector showed the largest annual sales increase (1st place from third in 2011). Whereas, particularly important was the sales growth in the category of clothing and footwear goods (in 5th position from 10th in 2011) due to the preferences of Greek consumers in branded and cheap products (offers / discounts).

  • Of the total annual turnover, the 2/3 is made on technology products and tourism services and only 1/3 is left for the remaining 20 categories.

The dynamics of e-commerce in Greece underlined by the fact that online consumers for 50% of purchases made ​​in 2012 in physical stores, had already carried out market research on the web (ROBO: Research Online Buy Offline).


Αύξηση των πωλήσεων ηλεκτρονικού λιανικού εμπορίου στην Ελλάδα για το 2012!


The factors in choosing e-shop

  • The most important factors affecting the Greeks consumers choosing online stores sorted on the basis of response rates are:
  • 71% Secure payment methods to legitimate entities (i.e. banks, paypal)
  • 50% Transparent terms of use (eg product return policy, warranty, etc.).
  • 47% Web site response times and ease of navigation, advanced search functionality for products and services (user experience)
  • 45% Exceptional customer service and assistance during and after the purchase process (online customer service)
  • 45% The usability and design of the web site (user experience)
  • 35% The existence of corresponding physical store for customer service after purchases
  • 33% The online store brand is well known and / or owned by a famous company (brand recognition)
  • 31% The presence of good customer reviews in social media, blogs and forums



The annual sales growth (2012) of retail online stores is a remarkable fact given the particularly unfavorable economic climate. Consequently, the involvement of Greek retail companies online is imperative. The potential for further improvement and development is assured by the following factors:


  • Increasing number of internet users through the incresed use of smart phones and tablets.
  • Increase of online consumers in Greece due to the dynamics of online market in recent years.
  • Larger online market share for the Greek retail companies based on the European average (an additional 20% at least)


For companies already operating or intending to operate online, the customer factors in selecting e-shop for their purchases, is a logical guide to their future plans. It is particularly important and promising for new or small companies (SMEs) that the existence of physical store and the brand recognition are ranked in 6th and 7th place respectively!