E-Commerce priorities for 110 of the biggest U.K. retail companies for 2013

As the year 2012 was coming to its end an interesting poll took place in U.K. about ecommerce operations. The poll conducted by Survey Monkey on behalf of SLI Systems, 110 retailers participated. Of the respondents:

  • 16.5% sell 100% online

  • 17.5% sell 75%-99% online

  • 20.2% sell 50%-74% online

  • 10.1% sell 25%-49% online

  • The rest sell less than 25% online

 E-Commerce προτεραιότητες για 110 από τις μεγαλύτερες εταιρίες λιανικής πώλησης στη Βρετανία για το 2013

The biggest challenges for these merchants the past year (2012) were:

  • improving conversions 60%

  • attracting more customers to their websites 55%

  • expanding internationally 22%

  • improving logistics 18%

U.K. retailers also took a number of actions for the 2012 holiday shopping season such as:

  • More than half worked on improving SEO

  • 33% improved visualization (more photos, features, etc)

  • 33% worked on improving navigation

  • 28% updated site search to deliver more relevant search

As for the priorities of this year (2013) the most popular answer:

  • is improving site search 22%

  • beefing up search engine optimization (SEO) 17%

  • mobile commerce 15%

Some more interesting numbers came out of this poll:

  • 2/3 of retailers have a mobile commerce site or plan to launch one this year

  • 41% of the retailers will build a mobile commerce this year

  • 35% of the retailers already have one

  • 22% of the retailers will build a mobile app

  • 10% of the retailers already have one

It is noticeable that 24% of them, they will improve site search functionality on their mobile commerce site or app in 2013.

Site search, SEO and mobile commerce are the top priorities for UK retailers, can you blame them?