Europe, the largest e-commerce market. Estimated online spending for 2012 : 305€ billion

Expected growth figures for year 2012:

- Europe 305€ billion 9 (over 254€ in 2011)

- The United States 280€ billion

- Asia-Pacific 216€ billion

European ecommerce is having a period of great prosperity and rapid economic growth. Around 22% is the expected grow of European online revenue in 2012.

Ευρώπη, η μεγαλύτερη e-commerce αγορά ξοδεύει χρήματα!

Online purchases are especially increasing in Southern and Eastern Europe. Expected Growth figures in countries in Southern and Eastern Europe are noticeably high:

- Poland and Czech Republic between 25 to 30 %

- France 20%

- the Netherlands 10%

- Germany 25%

- Belgium 20%

- Italy 19%

- Spain 19%

- The United Kingdom, France and Germany represent about 70% of the total EU market (According to Ecommerce Europe)

Confidenceis an important ingredient for the ecommerce growth

According to FrançoisMomboisse (president of Ecommerce Europe): “Growth in ecommerce is closely linked with trust and confidence....” He also points out that: “...Payments and online Security must be a top priority for the European Union...”

Consumers are always online

Mobile commerce will determine the growth in online sales the coming years. In UK m-commerce will reach 20% of the total sales in 2012 (5% in 2011) in Scandinavia 8% and in France 3%. The share of mcommerce in United States is estimated to reach 10% .

As William Jongen (member of the Board of Ecommerce Europe) says consumers are already connected; (47.6% of all Europeans have a smart phone) they can search and purchase wherever and whenever they want, a major challenge for innovative entrepreneurs who manage to jump on the bandwagon.