Liferay 6.2: Enhancements and new features

Liferay 6.2 is available at last! Some of its basic new attributes and improvements are:

1) Default themes that support responsive layout out of the box.

2) The Mobile device Preview. This brand new function allows a content editor to have a first good idea how the final page will look like on tablets’/ smart phones’ screens with different resolutions.

Liferay 6.2: Βελτιώσεις και νέα χαρακτηριστικά

3) An improved Control Panel. The most frequently used applications are placed on it in a very convenient way. So, no more getting tired of scrolling up and down during your navigation on the panel.

4) A renewed Dockbar. Just click the ‘’Add’’ or ’’+’’ button to add content, application portlets and pages simply and easily.

Liferay 6.2: Βελτιώσεις και νέα χαρακτηριστικά

5) No more pop-ups during tasks related to site administration.

6) Better edit control UI. All portlets consist of one ‘’gear’’ icon.

7) Enhanced web content management module that provides powerful wcm. In addition this version offers site hierarchies for content management across multiple sites.

8) Application Display Templates. After choosing a scripting language (Freemaker or Velocity), script on a template to create a display style at runtime in the portal.

9) The Recycle Bin is per-site. Therefore, every site admin can apply their recycling policy. The bin can be disabled, and its assets can be restored or configured to remain for a maximum time in the bin.

10) Improved support for multiple languages.

11) A revised user interface. It includes framework Alloy 2.0 and its bootstrap collection of website/web-apps building tools.                                                       

Just a careful look in the above list may gives you an answer if Liferay 6.2 platform enables the creation of interesting and engaging portals for your audience.


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