New Version 7.1 of KonaKart E-commerce platform

KonaKart released the all new version 7.1 of the popular java e-commerce software platform thatincludes many new features and enhancements.              

Νέα έκδοση της δημοφιλούς Java e-commerce πλατφόρμας KonaKart 7.1
  • Multi-Vendor functionality allowing vendors to manage their products, orders and customers to buy products from multiple vendors in a single order.
  • New functionality allowing you to associate stores with addresses.
  • Add vertical scrollbars to panels when there is a large number of data rows to display.
  • Additions to the Data Integrity Checker to include checks for Product, Category and Manufacturer data.
  • Made available in the custom directory to make it easier to add and build custom functionality when new stores are created in a multi-store environment.
  • Added search by manufacturer ascending and descending in order to search for products using the Application and Admin engines. Previously only ascending was available.
  • More flexible image scaling can be configured when uploading product images. Notably, aspect ratios can be retained.
  • Increased the maximum number of Payment Schedule objects visible in the drop lists in the EditProduct and Subscription panels from 100 to 1000.
  • Added a new option to the FetchProductOptions object in the Application API to programmably allow returned products to be populated with tags. Normally for performance reasons they are only populated when retrieving a single product.
  • More flexibility in uploading images in different formats in the Administration Application.
  • Added section to storefront application to prompt customer to accept cookies.
  • The storefront application can now be configured to force a customer to login in order to use it.

KonaKart offers an enterprise level e-Commerce solution that you can easily customize to match the requirements of your customers. Most of the customizable areas such as the storefront, payment, shipping and promotion modules are open source. Also, the KonaKart engine implements a documented API, on top of which you can write integration modules and custom features in order to personalize your KonaKart offering.




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