New Version 7.3 of KonaKart e-Commerce platform

KonaKart released the all new version 7.3 of the popular java e-Commerce software platform that includes many new features and enhancements.

Νέα έκδοση της δημοφιλούς Java e-Commerce πλατφόρμας KonaKart 7.3

 Some of the most important of them are:

  • The storefront now uses a responsive design to optimally adapt to mobile devices with different screen resolutions.
  • Upgraded to Apache Tomcat 7.0.54.
  • Java 8 runtime support added. Java 6, Java 7 and Java 8 are all supported.
  • Upgraded to ANT 1.9.3
  • Upgraded to GWT 2.6.0
  • Added Paymetric Payment Gateway
  • Added Thomson Reuters Tax Order Total Module
  • Added Authorize Direct Post Method (DPM) to simplify PCI compliance. When using this payment method, the credit card details never enter your servers.
  • Added Authorize Payment Tokenization (CIM) to simplify PCI compliance. CIM allows a customer to store and manage his credit cards without these cards ever entering your servers. During checkout a customer may decide to pay using a stored card (CIM) or by entering card details using the Direct Post Method (DPM).
  • Options for defining Admin user password validity and expiry period.
  • Generated passwords now have a mixture of lower case, upper case, numeric and special characters
  • When creating a new customer in the Administration Application the chosen password must now conform to the password validity rules defined for the site.
  • Current password is now required to modify the email address using the storefront application.
  • Now possible to assign the same admin role to the same user in different stores. Previously it was necessary to have separate roles per store to define this.
  • Added new attributes to the customer object to store various tax-related attributes and reference ids used to look up the customer in external systems.
  • Added a new “User Defined” panel to the Administration Application that allows you to display custom configuration parameters. Any configuration parameters added to configuration group number 31 will appear on the User Defined panel. Enterprise Only.
  • Added support for Customer.first Name, Customer.last Name, Address.first Name and Address.last Name in Custom Validation allowing the definition of the validation rules for these attributes.
  • Added a new Interceptor class (No Cache) to the storefront application’s Struts configuration to expire pages so that they aren't visible by using the browser’s back button. This is a security / privacy measure.
  • Added functionality to the Admin App to enable you to remove product prices and quantities from a catalog.
  • Enhanced the functionality for creating data entry widgets for configuring promotions. You can now define a rich text editor and add validation to the widget definitions.
  • Modified the Admin App popup window to select categories for promotion rules. The categories are now displayed in a collapsible tree view.

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