Three main technological trends for web presence in 2013

Once upon a time there was interactive video and social media marketing. Then we moved to mobile marketing and emerging platforms; an advancement in the recent past years. Are you and your organization ready to see what we called advancement, until now, becoming a standard in 2013?

How consumers’ behavior and advanced technology will impact the digital advertising this new year? Check these five keys points.

Οι τρεις κυριότερες τεχνολογικές τάσεις web presence το 2013

1. Dialogue between consumers and brands

Many consumers will focus and give attention to one or two social outlets instead of using several platforms. Brands realized that they need one marketing strategy. Brands will also have to decide which platforms are most effectively to communicate with their audiences.

For the savvy marketers the year 2013 will adopt more paid social-marketing strategies in addition to owned pages and profiles.

2. Devices do matters

Time spending, with mobile, is increasing 14 times the rate of the desktop, according to eMarketer data. In addition of the growing portion of internet traffic that comes from tablets and smartphones.

Tablet and mobile advertising is not a supporting strategy but must be a key part. Brands not only must build plans to push their message via tablet, mobile and other on the go channel but they must create mobile optimized sites as well as apps.

3. Responsive design a better experience

To create a positive user experience without the need to build different site and content for each device is a must to use responsive design to deliver a site that automatically responds to the need of the consumers’ environment and behavior based on screen size, orientation etc.

5. Do-it-yourself not only for the consumer

From now on not only costumers will luxuriate in the use of self-service services but marketers will also do. Self-service tools for marketers to help them quickly and efficient build and execute campaigns will be the trend in 2013.

6. Data

What types of data are available or how to technically manage a big amount of data were common questions for marketers in the year 2012. Now marketers have to move to “smart data” as they now understand which data will make the most impact as well as technology progress and it enables them to organize more efficiently and effectively their data.

If brands and their agencies want to win this year they must understand that they have to move from simply exploring or testing technologies to committing to wide-scale implementation.

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