Sales on Facebook. The end of a myth...

August 2010, Delta Air lines had announced the launch of its Ticket Counter Facebook app claiming to be the first to enable a travel booking app on Facebook. In December, Delta Air Lines quietly removed the Ticket Counter app on Facebook after discovering that its Fans prefer travel planning or interacting with each other’s than booking.

L2 states that brands such as Four Seasons, Jumeirah and Hilton have removed Facebook booking services. L2 Think Tank found that 76% offered some form of booking on Facebook (2012 report) that percentage decreased to 52% of brands for the year coming study.

Dennis Schaal Skift News Editor and USA Today Digital Traveler columnist said: "Many travel companies are removing Facebook booking apps after discovering that a conversational soft-sell in social media often is more effective than in-your-face reservations apps."

Πωλήσεις στο Facebook το τέλος ενός μύθου…

Facebook is aware that brands in travel industry, and not only, removes their commerce apps focused on the sale and they move towards brand-building through consumer engagement. Lee McCabe, Facebook’s head of travel, told Skift: "The success of a booking app comes down to the company and how they engage their customers on Facebook,".

The owner of Loki Hostels (Peru, Volivia), Dror Tirosh says: the company removed a Facebook booking app, and decided to use its Facebook page as more of a way to strike up conversations and he adds: "I believe this was the right decision as nowadays with Facebook messages to pages, we get more guests messaging and asking for details and reservations than we ever got through the reservations app we had."