How to build trust and confidence at your e-shop

The biggest challenge companies face in the internet is to gain the trust of their customers. A phenomenon observed in companies that are new to the site and the information that customers have for them is limited. Although many customers appreciate the convenience and speed of online shopping, they often reluctant to buy from a company that has not earned their trust.

There are some things that make up a red cloth for consumers and prevent them from buying from your online store. From our many years of experience in e-commerce, we have distinguished the most important features you need to pay attention to when constructing and operating your e-shop.

Πως να δημιουργήσετε σχέσεις εμπιστοσύνης με τους πελάτες του e-shop σας


1. Modern design

It does not matter if you sell expensive or cheap products, as a bad design e-shop with obsolete design, questions your customers about the credibility of your business. Make sure your e-shop has professional design, high-quality content and most importantly user-friendly. Things that will increase customer confidence in your online store. 

2. Contact Details

It is an important element that should be displayed in your online store. You have to prove that you are a legitimate business and not a scammer. Add the "Contact Us" page where you will provide all the necessary information so that your customers can contact you. Many e-shops provide customers with just one e-mail without being accompanied by any other information, which you should avoid. The more ways you communicate to your customers, you increase the likelihood of winning their trust. 

3. Privacy Policy

At a time when the leak of information and personal information has become very common, it's a very smart strategy to show them that their personal data will remain safe. Google's search engine focuses on e-shops that have "privacy policy," so your e-shop will get better ratings and better ranking on Google's search engine. The security of their personal data involves many clients. 

4. Customer Reviews

What's more immediate for a customer interested in getting to know your business than reading a review from an existing customer. Customer feedback will help you build trust relationships and show your credibility to a new customer. In addition, customer feedback will also help you improve your own services.

5. Transparency

It is the key to gaining the trust of your customers. Make sure the descriptions of the products are absolutely clear, descriptive and unique, accompanied by high quality photos. Clear pricing avoids hidden charges and when additional charges arise, be sure to inform your customer in good time, as they do not like the '' unpleasant surprises ''.

6. Trusted Payment Gateway

To ensure transactions in your e-shop, you should offer your customers the ability to complete their purchases with popular and secure payment gateways such as PayPal, Winbank, VivaPayments, etc. This helps your customers To feel more secure about their transactions. 

7. Take advantage of social networks

If someone wants to know about your company or for your product, they will probably do a search on some of the most popular search engines. Your presence in the most popular social media will give prestige and credibility, as an active community of followers and promoters will increase your company's reputation and reputation. Also, on Facebook your customers can be informed about your products or services and through reviews and reviews from previous customers can form an opinion about your company.  Instagram is the social network of the future with the user base constantly increasing, this platform has recently become very friendly to corporate profiles, which can give you even more visibility and increase your awareness. Still Twitter is the number one social media for immediate updating, it is the platform where many trends are born and your company should take advantage of this communication channel. As with the use of a unique hashtag that will be a trademark of the company, you will increase the reputation and recognition of your company.

8. Add Security Badges to your e-shop.

Adding security icon is a direct way to tell your clients that your visitors e-shop meets all safety requirements. According to the research Institute Baymard security icons exert more influence on consumers than any other factor has been reported. Companies that provide you with the security of your procedural information like your customers are Norton, MacAfee, Trust-e, etc. This will greatly ensure the safety of your customers upon completion of their markets and simultaneously the security of your e-shop of several maliciously "hit".  Adding SSL or e-Certificate, the ssl protocol creates a secure link between the e-shop and the user's browser. Ensures secure data exchange between the two sides, preventing potential data interception. It is a very important addition as your goal is to ensure your services are safe and reliable, so using ssl certificates in your e-shop is a necessary addition.

The lack of customer confidence in your e-shop is one of the most important reasons for not completing their purchases. Taking seriously the features mentioned above will greatly increase your credibility and consequently your sales. Each project that we undertake as a company is characterized by reliability and efficiency in accordance with global standards.

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