Prestashop 1.6 Relase Candidate: New features & improvements for the e-shop storefront

Prestashop RC 1.6 has already been announced for 17th of March! Online merchants may be interested in the key features and enhancements of the popular e-shop software.  

First of all, this beta version includes a default,responsive theme. So your online shop can adapt to all screen sizes for different devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops and desk tops). In addition, the Live Template edits allows you to edit the colors and the fonts of your e-shop with few clicks and no special technical knowledge. 

Prestashop 1.6: Νέα χαρακτηριστικά και βελτιώσεις


The Homepage has been redesigned. Some of its major new features are:

  • Attractive customizable banners, so you can highlight whatever you’d like (sales, marketing campaigns, promotions, best sellers, new products etc). Banners can be customized in different pages.
  • Default reassuring footer that can increase your customers trust and turn navigators into buyers.
  • Rich menu, so navigating your online store becomes easier and effective. This menu permits you to add as many categories as you’d like, and banners within the menu to emphasize a product or whatever.
  • Improved shopping cart. Whenever your customer choose to buy a product, it flies into his cart. It’s a bit funny!
  • Add to cart confirmation with cross selling. If a customer adds a product to his cart successfully, a layer rises in his screen to confirm the addition. This layer also shows him some complementary products to buy.
  • The Quick View function. It lets your customer hover over products and understand fastly their basic details, without having to move to a new page.

Product categories Page gives the e-shop visitors two basic display options. In the first one display a product list, in the second one products are displayed in a grid form. Moreover, your visitors can search and filter products by attributes such as price, colour, brand etc. So navigation becomes easy and effective for the merchant and the online store visitors.

Finally, the Layout of product information (shown on product pages) has been optimized, and every customer can make product reviews! The product will appear in search engine results with the customer review and a link to your e-shop product page. This can get new qualified visitors to your online shop.

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