Internet Of Things (ΙoT)

Internet of Things is a network of industrial machines to wearable devices using built-in sensors to collect and transmit data or taking any action based on them. These devices are connected to the Internet collect, exchange information and communicate with each other. Historically the term Internet of Things was invented in the late 90's and more specifically in 1999 by businessman Kevin Ashton who is one of the founders of the auto-id center at MIT. Kevin Ashton is a member of the team that discovered how to connect devices to the Internet, where the presentation of the achievement of this first mentioned the term Internet of Things and since its use was established.

Internet Of Things (ΙoT) Τεχνολογίες και Εφαρμογές

The rapid spread of IoT is because more and more devices have Wi-Fi system, Bluetooth and advanced sensors. For example, in a home with "smart" appliances like the refrigerator, coffee machine, the kitchen and the thermostat through the internet connection can be controlled remotely over the Internet using our smartphones or our computer, as well as to our and inform them about the situation they are in. 

Internet of Things will bring significant changes in operating businesses until now. Indicatively, a study conducted by Gartner research firm predicted that the IoT will bring profits of $ 2 billion by 2020 and the number of connected devices will reach the number of 26 billion! The volume of information that will result is estimated to be 14 times greater than the volume of data generated per year.

IoT is a technology that will change the balances in the future, it will bring dramatic changes in the markets, health services and industry. The data collected can be used to improve performance, identify and anticipate the needs of people and organizations before they occur. Typical is the case of the city of Oslo, where with such intelligent solutions achieved reducing energy costs by 62%!
The Internet of Things is more than a convenience to consumers, as it creates new sources of information, new business models, new services and new innovative products in many industries. Indicatively, some sectors will be directly affected are:

  • Healthcare & health services

Many people around the world already use different smartwatches or other smart devices to monitor their state of health. It is estimated that in the near future in the hospital monitoring of patients via monitors which will be connected to a network IoT. In this way the health and health care services should be improved, to save time and dramatically reduce the cost of patient care.

  • Transportation

Once propelled cars seemed science fiction, in recent years companies like Tesla Motors, the BMW and Volvo have created cars that move autonomously or minimal use of the human factor. Utilizing this technology cars are connected to the Internet collecting information on the route, traffic conditions, weather conditions and road conditions afterwards analyze and process the information so you can decide what is the appropriate speed and optimum route to be followed. In 2016 the transport company Uber added the car fleet of the first motor cars which would massively serve its customers.

  • Retail

Both consumers and stores can take advantage of the IoT functions commercially. Businesses can monitor their stocks more automated and will be notified in real time of the progress of operations. Will increase the flow of information that is available to the company with the mobile wallet applications to come and are added in turn to the tools of the company based on the IoT technology. Also by using sensors and monitoring systems will know at any time and moment how many consumers are in the store and what actions make. Base on IoT has developed technology that simultaneously detects and analyzes human expressions.  So the company can extract information about consumer preferences based on expressions and habits, taking advantage of this technology, advertising and promotion of products will be more effective. On the part of the markets consumers will become faster since the new payment methods that will be included will make payments more automated, using the information you have collected the companies will be able to offer customized products and services dramatically increasing the satisfaction of consumers' needs.

The biggest challenge will be faced by companies is safety. Think of a vast network of connected things that exchange, process and collect information. This body should be cataloged and classified by insurance for instance, we have sensors to monitor the health of a patient, we need to ensure that data will remain safe and will not fall into the hands of the wrong people. Equally important is the process of finding reliable and energy efficient ways of storing and analyzing data would simultaneously produce billions of devices.

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