Konakart Version – What’s New?

Version is the first release after version that has been made generally available. It contains many exciting new features and a number of bug fixes.


KonaKart 7.4 – Ολοκαίνουργια έκδοση της δημοφιλούς Java e-Commerce πλατφόρμας


 New Features

  • Modified the style of the Admin App UI which now presents a more modern and consistent interface matching the KonaKart brand.
  • Content support added including programmable banners, editable page content etc (See User Guide for details).
  • Introduced KonaKart tiles which can be regarded as building blocks for creating an eCommerce application that can be easily integrated into a front end system such as a CMS or portal. For more details see KonaKart_Tiles.pdf in the doc directory after installation.
  • Configurable timeouts for JSON calls (see konakart.properties).
  • Reduced excessive logging for stores that are disabled in a multi-store environment.
  • On INSERT failures improve the logging to help diagnose the problem.
  • Enhancements to improve the performance of promotion rule calculations.
  • Enhancements to improve the performance by reducing the number of updates to the session table.
  • New mode introduced – Now possible to share products without sharing customers.
  • New payment gateway added – CyberSource Secure Acceptance (Web/Mobile) – this replaces CyberSource SOP and CyberSource HOP which are no longer supported by CyberSource.
  • Added “DeleteTemporaryData” batch job to the Quartz jobs list in konakart_jobs.xml. This runs various maintenance functions to keep the store running efficiently.
  • Added support for the Wildfly Application Server.
  • Upgraded Apache ActiveMQ Integration to version 5.10.0 – and exposed some extra configuration parameters to the web.xml.
  • Enriched the Country object to include the ISO Numeric code and a custom field.
  • Expanded the coverage of the Data Integrity Checker by adding support for Tags, Tag Groups and all the new Content tables.
  • Disable SSLv3 in the default tomcat configuration (to avoid SSLv3 vulnerabilities with browsers that do not support TLS).
  • Retrieve customerAddressId, billingAddressId and deliveryAddressId when returning order objects on the Admin side. Caution should be used when using these IDs because the addresses they refer to can change over time or even be deleted. This is why it is normally better to use the address details copied to the order at the time the order is created.
  • On the Admin App, added a Reward Points Expired column when displaying the customer reward points in order to easily determine whether the points have expired or not.
  • Added ability in both Admin App and App APIs to decide when fetching reward points for a customer whether to fetch expired points or not.
  • Added functionality to the Admin App coupon panel to populate the coupon code entry field with a code generated in the AdminOrderIntegrationMgr. The method that generates the code may be customized in order to implement a specific algorithm or to read the code from a list of pre-generated values.
  • Added a new KKEng API call, getDigitalDownloadsWithOptions() that automatically populates the digital download objects with products. Since the associated product objects are nearly always required, this improves performance by avoiding further API calls.
  •  ” as defined in the default konakartadmin.properties file.
  • When retrieving customer tag values, the date added was always that of the actual tag and not that of when the value was added.
  • Modified getAllManufacturers() KonaKart engine API call to return all manufacturers and not to limit the number to 100.
  • PayPal payment module – default Cancelation URL corrected.
  • Added functionality to getCategoryTreeWithOptions() and to getManufacturers() to include a catalogId so that product counts for categories and manufacturers do not include products that don’t have a defined catalog price or catalog quantity.
  • Fixed an admin application bug. Promotion to customer group rules were being lost every time a promotion was edited.

KonaKart is a very good match for ISPs offering Java hosting and software solutions. You may offer the community edition completely free of charge to your customers, with point and click installation to easily enable them to create their on line store. The enterprise version of KonaKart which includes multi-store, is a good solution for providing many stores in a resource efficient manner.