How to make a successful advertising campaign in Social Media

Advertising in social media marketing is now an integral feature of any enterprise which aims to increase of awareness, to broaden its customer base and improve sales. It is a relatively recent advertising technique since social media appeared in our lives over the past ten years compared with existing techniques and features that have been around for many years. They stand out because they can advertise easy,  quickly and with relatively low cost. Additionally, we can follow the course of our advertising in real time and make changes or corrections when not performing 't expected results. Many companies advertise through social media without knowing how to effectively use the tools provided to them. Consequently unnecessarily spend their budget without having the intended effects

Πώς να φτιάξετε μια επιτυχημένη διαφημιστική καμπάνια στα Social Media


Below is a list of tips with which your company will be able to create a successful advertising campaign in social media.

  1.Set goals and determine the audience of your ad campaign.

Before Before you take any action you should set goals and set targets of the campaign. Possible targets could be set by your business is to increase the engagement, reducing the bounce rate and increase the average residence time in eshop or website. We can not consider them all as your prospective customers, you need to focus on a common specific characteristics. Also, most of your social media make it possible to identify the audience (custom audience) making things simpler. More specifically, your social media enable you to determine the audience that will advertise on the basis of age, ethnicity, region of residence, such as preferences and location will be visible to your ad. If you do not set an action plan and concrete, measurable objectives then your ad campaign is doomed to fail.

  2.Track and analyze statistics - Insights
Before you begin any marketing campaign you must first collect information about the post, the photos and videos that have already been posted on your company website. We can see which posts have had the most impact and conversion rate, based on this information will build the "ideal" consumer profile which we will target as previously discussed. For example, your page to have a sufficient number of followers (followers) without being accompanied by the appropriate traffic. In this case your ad may simply boost the performance of your suspension aiming to increase future organic traffic and increase awareness of your business.

Πώς να φτιάξετε μια επιτυχημένη διαφημιστική καμπάνια στα Social Media2


3.The advertising should be accompanied by "right" Landing Pages
It has been noted several times when an ad is accompanied by a landing page increases the engagement and click-the number of impressions (Click Through Rate) advertising. But if the landing page accompanying ad is not directly related to it, can lead to customer disorientation and withdrawal from eshop or your website bounce rate increasing and decreasing engagement. Avoid this mistake, do not put the customer in the process of searching for the product or information that interests them.
Disorientation is one of the most important of an advertising campaign reasons for failure as they will cause the consumer to abandon the eshop not made a purchase. Therefore, make sure the page to accompany your ad to be directly related and conceptually related to it. It should be a logical continuation of your initial advertising message to no flow in your scenario. 

  4.Do not underestimate the power of image and video.
Most advertisers place great emphasis on writing very good and targeted text but to give the same importance to image and video. Users of social media have become acquainted and interact to a greater percentage of ads that contain pictures and videos. The "traditional" way of advertising accompanied by a plain text does not make your ad stand out and the interaction rate compared to advertising containing audiovisual material is very low. Therefore, to increase the engagement and the conversion rate of our ads should provide high quality images and video to clients as indeed showed a survey conducted by Facebook.

Πώς να φτιάξετε μια επιτυχημένη διαφημιστική καμπάνια στα Social Media3


5.Monitor and analyze your campaign results as it progresses

Social networks provide the ability to monitor the results of our advertising campaign as it develops, giving us the ability to edit the content and parameters of our ads. So if you see that is not progressing as we would like we can make changes for the immediate improvement of the campaign. Examples of parameters which we can change is the budget, the target audience, the text accompanies the ad and the duration of the campaign up to that time. Items which can help us to increase the effectiveness of our advertising campaign. 

Before proceeding to the "setting" of any advertising campaign should understand the features and functions of each platform ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Get active on social networks in which your business has expertise and impact. It is more effective to be efficient on fewer channels than to have a modest presence at all. Unless you have a specialized team that deals exclusively with the promotion of your company in social media. 


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